GT Factory C6 Bolt-On Diablo Door System

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Complete Diablo Bolt On System for your C6 Corvette. Only Minor modification required to get your doors going straight up.

Unlike other bolt on door kits, The Diablo system is

- Designed for a fit and a quick install
- Engineered to be three times stronger
-covered under a limited lifetime warranty
-the only kit on the market that goes 90 degrees vertical
-keeps doors straight up instead of hanging to the side…
-Dual nitrogen gas lifts for each door rated at 300lbs of force
-has four infinitely adjustable points for the look and fit you want
-100% CNC machined 4130 chromoly steel construction
-Electroless Nickel plated for corrosion protection and show quality looks
-maintains factory safety and accessories
-Free install CD-Rom with over 130 high rez pictures
Q. Why should I buy the Diablo Hinge conversion instead of doing a custom hinge myself?
A. We have invested 4 years of Research and Development and the Diablo mechanism is a very advanced CAD designed CNC machined precision work of art. We have gone through countless revisions and designs to achieve this excellent product, which is like nothing else on the market. GT Factory has spent so much time on R&D that we could have bought a Lamborghini instead. This is why the design is registered with the US patent and trademark office.
Q. I want the doors to go straight up (not butterfly doors)?
A. That's precisely why we have the undisputed best looking Diablo conversion, they do look straight up like the original Lamborghini. Which is unlike other "lambo style" kits where the door is flopped over at an angle when up!

Q. What is the Diablo c-onversion like while in motion?
A. It opens out then up, and then closes down and in. It is limited to the L shape pattern. The door will not hit the quarter panel or rocker panel, or the hood, or the A pillar, or the fender. Opening the door like the stock motion before it goes up allows us to use all of the factory locks, latches, seals, and wiring.

Q. What makes the GT Factory Diablo Conversion different from the other lambo style conversions available?
A. First the unique mechanism and swing arm
allows the door to rise straight up and over the fender up to 90 degrees vertical. The other kits flop the door on its side when up and only allow you to lift the door about 60 degrees. Second the kit is simply stronger. The mechanism and swing arm have zero flex which prevents the doors from wiggling around in the air when they go up. The strength of the Diablo kit combined with the weld in install means that the conversion is safe and it will last forever. Lastly, this kit is the only four way adjustable kit out there, so with a twist of a wrench you can keep the door perfectly aligned with the car when closed, and you can

make sure both doors match when they are up. The bottom line is that every feature of the Diablo Conversion was designed to be the best, from the stainless hardware to the nickel plated finish, and GT Factory backs it up with a guarantee!

About GT Factory:
GT Factory specializes in taking car customization to a new level. GT Factory is proud to offer the worlds only application Diablo door hinge conversion that goes truly vertical. With 4 years of research and development the GTF Diablo door conversion is the most precise mechanism available outside the exotic automobile manufacturers in Italy to motivate your doors to a new altitude. For this reason GT Factory has registered the design with the US Patent
& Trademark Office. The GTF Diablo Kit allows you to utilize the factory door latch, lock and electronics because the door swings out like stock before it goes up like an exotic sports car so you get the looks and you get to keep all of the OEM safety and amenities. The mechanism is also fully adjustable allowing you to decide exactly how the door operates and where it will stop horizontally and vertically to give each individual the ability to create that "just right"
look and make sure that both sides match up. Best of all it works in almost any car or truck easily saving tons of time and labor at the custom shop. The GT Factory Diablo Kit is precisely machined by high tech CNC machinery guided by our computer-aided design. We take 60 pounds of tool grade chromoly billets and machine it into 20 lbs of exotic mechanism which makes the GTF kit 300% Stronger than bolt on kits. Then it is put together with stainless hardware, pins and,

precision welding. All parts are nickel plated for corrosion and oxidation resistance as well as aesthetics. Providing the power for the vertical motion is two gas charged lifting arms per door providing 300lbs of counter weight force. All components are reliable, safe, warranted, and service free. All you have to do is install, setup, and go vertical. Diablo doors have proven to be the most jaw dropping & head turning functional visual enhancements for automobiles yet. The Diablo

door conversion literally draws a crowd every time you enter or exit the vehicle. Just in case you are in a hurry or don't feel like putting on a show at the gas station you can enter and exit the vehicle just by opening the door horizontally not vertically whenever you see fit. Only with GT Factory's willingness to work closely with its customer's desires could a product like this even be possible. Don't settle for anything less than GT Factory's precision engineering!

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