One of a kind S13.5 BN Blister

Aug 03 2010

Ron K. of Tennessee did an amazing job building his one of a kind S13.5 BN Blister 240SX. The kit you see here is not in production; Ron had to purchase S13 BN Blister Front Fenders, Side Skirts, Rear Fenders and Rear Bumper for the rear half of the car. And S15 BN Blister Front Bumper, Front Fenders and Hood for the front half. He then had to graft the S13 and S15 front fenders together to create the S13.5 conversion fenders. To top it all off Ron also has our light weight carbon fiber doors. The results are amazing, GREAT JOB Ron! We love seeing creativity like this from our customers. This just goes to show that with enough work you can make any part fit any car.

Feature Products:
S15 BN Blister Front Bumper
S15 BN Blister Front Fenders
S13 BN Blister Front Fenders
S13 BN Blister Side Skirts
S13 BN Blister Rear Fenders
S13 BN Blister Rear Bumper

S15 Jun Carbon Fiber Hood
Light Weight Carbon Fiber Doors

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Mazda Miata GT300 Hood Photo Shoot

Jul 21 2010

We recently made this new GT300 Vented hood for the 90-97 Mazda Miata NA. The large extractor vents are designed to allow excess heat to escape the engine bay.

The hood is available NOW in a veriaty of material choices.

Check here to check them out.


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Bo’s Carbon Fiber Wide Body Camaro

Jul 08 2010

Bo from Louisiana, sent us some photos of his Carbon Fiber wide body Camaro. Bo’s car features our Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Fenders, Carbon SS Style Wing, Carbon Fiber Scoote Hood and Carbon Fiber Doors.  Bo also has our FRP Venice Body Kit.

Featured Products:
Carbon Fiber Wide Front Fenders
Carbon Fiber Wide Rear Fenders
Carbon Fiber Doors
Carbon Fiber SS Style Wing
Carbon Fiber Scoote Hood

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Carbon Kevlar Miata Hard Top

Jun 21 2010

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Chrysler 300c Door Kit Install

May 21 2010

Chrysler 300c Lambo Doors

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Silvia S15 Uras Style

Apr 30 2010

Silvia S15 Uras

Featured Products:

Silvia S15 URS Style Body kit

Silvia S15 DMX Front Fenders

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2008 Ford Mustang GT Factory Install

Apr 15 2010

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Carbon Kevlar Miata Hard Top

Feb 15 2010

Carbon Kevlar Miata Hard Top

Chris Noble, sent us some photos of this NB Miata with our OEM Style Hard Top made with 3k 2×2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Hybrid Material. This is the first of its kind!

Related Products:
Carbon Kevlar Hard Top

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Dodge Charger VDI Bolt Install

Dec 11 2009

Vdi Charger

We recently installed a Vertical Doors Inc, direct bolt-on door kit on a Dodge Charger. Install time was less than a day!

Click here to view the door kit

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RX7 FD3S Scoote Hood

Sep 03 2009

Avaiable in:
Fiberglass – Click Here
Carbon Fiber – Click Here
Carbon Kevlar – Click Here

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