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Mazda Miata GT300 Hood Photo Shoot

Jul 21 2010 Published by admin under Uncategorized

We recently made this new GT300 Vented hood for the 90-97 Mazda Miata NA. The large extractor vents are designed to allow excess heat to escape the engine bay.

The hood is available NOW in a veriaty of material choices.

Check here to check them out.


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Bo’s Carbon Fiber Wide Body Camaro

Jul 08 2010 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Bo from Louisiana, sent us some photos of his Carbon Fiber wide body Camaro. Bo’s car features our Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Fenders, Carbon SS Style Wing, Carbon Fiber Scoote Hood and Carbon Fiber Doors.  Bo also has our FRP Venice Body Kit.

Featured Products:
Carbon Fiber Wide Front Fenders
Carbon Fiber Wide Rear Fenders
Carbon Fiber Doors
Carbon Fiber SS Style Wing
Carbon Fiber Scoote Hood

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